22 oktober 2017

The Economic Benefits of Information Standardization

Standardization is applied within all kinds of level within industries. Standardizations in production processes, but also within IT, for example interfaces (EDI, ODBC, …) and coding languages (SQL, XML, …). And why? Because standardization leads to cost reduction,  increased flexibility and improved responsiveness and quality. The question arises what the benefits would be for organisations using a standard form of business communication for the (management) information.   Cost Reduction through Standardization “Standardization can lead to lower transaction costs in the […]
22 oktober 2017

Extract leading- and non-leading ledgers to SAP BW on HANA

www.pieterverstraeten.com/blog/extracting-non-leading-ledgers-sap-bw-hana/  Dear readers, The last months I was not only busy with SAP and Business Intelligence but also with the born our son, since 27th of June 2017 I became a father :-). Next to this great news, I want to update you about “how to extract the non-leading ledgers to SAP BW on HANA“. This year I started as a consultant in a project were Finance is a large part of the project. This blogpost will explain you how […]
29 augustus 2017

Key issue in data design for SAP BW on HANA

Low on memory Recently, I encountered a situation with a SAP BW on HANA system: memory resources were gradually diminishing over time. Things were not critical yet, but it was serious enough to start thinking about contingency plans. Diving into the matter, I discovered some valuable new insights on HANA database tables and primary keys. That really surprised me. I thought I had my knowledge on column-oriented databases more or less sorted (ha!). In this blog I want to share […]
16 maart 2017
Ronald van Lent Datavisualisatie

Self Service BI staat haaks op efficiënte besluitvorming

SAP omarmt in BO Cloud de IBCS standaard voor management rapportage Self Service BI leidt niet altijd tot betere beslissingen in de bedrijfsvoering. Volgens Ronald van Lent van het bedrijf JUGO draagt deze vorm van BI niet bij aan de efficiency van het besluitvormingsproces bij bestuurders. Het menselijk brein laat zich te gemakkelijk afleiden door fraaie plaatjes. Van Lent draagt het gedachtegoed uit van managementrapportages volgens de IBCS- standaard. Daarvan hebben de heldere boodschappen en geaggregeerde visualisaties zich al bewezen […]